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Vote for Villa's man of the match against Chelsea

It's man of the match time, so cast your vote!

Clive Rose

Finding a man of the match in a losing effort is becoming a difficult thing to do. I see, now, why I had Jack doing these before.

But for all of the irritation that comes with losing, Aston Villa never let Chelsea run rampant in this match. And when you consider how insanely good the Blues are that's no small feat. For instance, Andre Schürrle comes off the bench for Chelsea. He'd almost instantly be one of Villa's top three players were he to come to Birmingham.

So while the loss stinks, it's nothing to be too upset over. Villa had some nice stretches of play, and it's time to figure out who on the team was most important to those stretches. As always, you can vote below in our little poll. And if you think I left someone off who should have been there, please let me know in the comments!