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With Chelsea's Costa looming, Vlaar looks to be a doubt

Apparently Ron Vlaar is facing another late fitness test for Aston Villa's match against Chelsea this weekend.

Stu Forster

Aston Villa have given us a bit of bad news ahead of this weekend's clash with Chelsea:

That's certainly not what we wanted to hear when Villa are about to face off against the rampaging Diego Costa. You know, the man who scored 36 goals for Atletico Madrid last year. Perhaps you may know him better as the player who scored seven goals in his first four matches with Chelsea. Or perhaps you'd rather think of him as "the man who eviscerates defenses."

There is good news, though! Costa was held without a goal last week against Manchester City, so we know that it is possible.

And really, with the way Villa's defense have been playing (illness-plagued five minutes against Arsenal aside) not having Vlaar isn't the worst thing in the world. Is the back line better if Vlaar is a part of it? Absolutely. But they aren't shambolic without him.

At least that's what we can hope.