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Get excited! Ron Vlaar rumours already popping up again

Apparently Manchester United and Arsenal both want Ron Vlaar. Hooray.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Well, it's been three weeks since we've heard this rumour so it seems like it's time to bring it back. Manchester United and Arsenal are apparently interested in bringing in Aston Villa defender Ron Vlaar. Sigh.

Let's go over the details that we all know again. Manchester United saw Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic leave this summer and only got one centre back in return. They've had their injury concerns in the defense, too, with a few people picking up minor injuries. Plus, Vlaar played (very successfully) for Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal while he was in charge of the Netherlands team this summer at the World Cup.

As for Arsenal, they currently have Calum Chambers working at right back, which leaves them a bit thin at the center. And that of course means they'll want Vlaar.

So, with the information at hand, plus the fact that both clubs were connected to Vlaar over the summer you can see how the Express decided to make this link. Certainly the injury concerns at both clubs will continue until January, and there is no way that Villa would ever want to keep their best defender as they work on a process of signing new contracts at the club. Oh wait.

Do those two clubs want Vlaar? Probably! But does that really mean anything now? Nope! It's another spurious rumour spread by a less-than-reliable site using lazy reporting. Let's not get too worked up over it yet. If there's anything to be mad about, it's the fact that we're already getting rumours three weeks after the window closed. If they wanted Vlaar so badly, they could have made their move in August.