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Villa to send Herd to Bolton Wanderers on one-month loan

Aston Villa have agreed to let Chris Herd head to Bolton Wanderers for a one-month loan.

Jamie McDonald

Chris Herd missed the end of last season, including an Australia call-up, with personal issues that set him back a bit. Since then, however, he's been reintegrated with the squad, though the chances for him to actually play have been few and far between. He was named to the bench in Villa's loss to Leyton Orient in the League Cup, but hasn't found himself on any other team sheets this season. And for good reason, too. Where, exactly, would Herd fit right now?

Well, Paul Lambert seems to have found somewhere for the Australian to get playing time: Bolton Wanderers. The club have gotten just five points from their first eight matches and sit in 21st, the last spot before the drop. Herd will make his sojourn on a one-month loan that will see him likely to get much more playing time than he would have at Villa.

While we're checking out the Championship, by the way, it's worth noting that Birmingham are only one spot higher than Bolton, with a 1-4-3 record that is terrible by any count. Not nearly as bad as Fulham, though, who have yet to win a match and have only one point to show for themselves. Herd's move will get him to Bolton in time for a "oh dear god we are having so much trouble" tilt between them and Fulham on October 1.