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Aston Villa may still manage to land a player in this transfer window

After failing to secure a move to Everton, Tom Cleverley returned to negotiations with Villa -- but was it too late to land the midfielder?

Richard Heathcote

Remember, Villa fans, how we were assured that the deal for Tom Cleverley was definitely off? The Manchester United midfielder was determined to hold out for a move to Everton. When that transfer fell through, we were told that there would be "no other business" for Aston Villa during the window.

Except as it turns out, the deal for Cleverley may not have fallen apart entirely. Apparently Everton didn't want to give into the 25-year-old's ridiculous wage demands, either, and weren't even willing to match what Villa had offered. So Cleverley was stuck, and when Villa came back to see if he might be interested, well...

So it seems that Villa may be getting in another midfielder after all, albeit on loan. No word on what the fee might be, or just how much of his wages will need to be taken on, but we'll keep an eye out for more information.

Geez....and we thought the Kiyotake-to-Villa rumor was un-killable.