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John Carew: Aston Villa fan

One John Carew gets a little bit excited about Villa's current form.

Clive Rose

Who would have thought during the dire straits of last season, that Aston Villa would hold 2nd place in the Premier League table? No one? Wrong. I'll bet Villa Alumni John Carew never doubted the potential of Lambert, Keane and Co.

Carew took to his twitter profile to express his feelings and perhaps his 'wishful thinking'.

Nope, he wasn't riding on any coattails, quite arguably and tenuously being England's second best football club, no. John Carew seems to be claret and blue, through and through.

After scrolling through his twitter feed (@Jcarew10),I found myself reminiscing about the big Norwegian and thought to myself that although his shooting boots have been filled by Christian Benteke, the Holte End is still missing a big character with the gravitas and personality of Carew.

I mean who else could do this?

John Carew, that's who.