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Messi is faster than Agbonlahor: EA Logic

In FIFA 15, Lionel Messi is faster than Gabriel Agbonlahor. What?

Alex Livesey

It's about two weeks until the release of EA Sports football simulator game, FIFA 15. In order to generate buzz around the game, they have been releasing lists like "Top 20 Goalkeepers in FIFA 15" and "Top 20 Fastest Players." When I looked at the article and saw Lionel Messi rated as the 18th fastest player in the game with 93 pace, the first thing to cross my mind was, "hmm, I wonder how high up on this list Gabby Agbonlahor is?"

Scroll down the whole page, and there is a player missing who obviously should be there. Gabby hasn't had the best couple years after being one of the top players for both career mode and play now in FIFA 09, and has regressed to a 73 overall from an 81. But one thing that hasn't become significantly worse in Agbonlahor's game is his lightning pace.

It's obvious that Messi is a better player than Agbonlahor. No one in the world would even think about having that conversation. But faster? You have to be kidding me.

The attribute in question is "Pace," which is the Ultimate Team equivalent of Acceleration + Speed. Sure, Messi gets up to his maximum speed ridiculously quick, but would you ever take him in a footrace against Agbonlahor, even one that was 20 meters or less? No.

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