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Guess who's back, back again: Benteke's back, tell a friend

Christian Benteke is back in training for Aston Villa, and the unstoppable second-place juggernaut is now even better.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Well, we've created a monster because nobody wants to play Villa no more. And it's about to get worse for the rest of the Premier League as Christian Benteke has apparently returned to full training. The reports have come from numerous outlets, but perhaps the best indicator was from the Belgian striker himself:

Today is the big day, huh? If he's actually back in training, it likely means that he'll be able to see the pitch in the next couple of weeks, even before the early-return date of October that we had heard. When you consider that he injured himself five months ago and that he was predicted to be back in six months at the earliest, the recovery is incredible in the most literal sense of that word.

And news that Benteke has returned comes at the very best possible time for Villa, as they have the second match of their stretch from hell this weekend. Even if he's not back now, he should be ready for some of those matches, and his being on the pitch drastically improves the chance of Villa nabbing a few unexpected points. The combination of the Villa defense that we've seen thus far with the prospect of a newly reinvigorated attack is enough to make me think that Villa have just gotten to be one of the teams that other clubs least want to face right now.