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Liverpool vs. Aston Villa: Community player ratings

Have your say in Villa's shock win over Liverpool at Anfield.

Alex Livesey

Use the form below to weigh in on Aston Villa's performance against Hull City. A rating for all 11 starters is required, while ratings for substitutes are optional; if you don't think you saw enough of a player to accurately rate his performance, select "Incomplete" and your vote will not be included in the final tally for that player only. '

For the purposes of these ratings, a vote of "1" would be among the worst performances you've ever observed for a player at the Premier League level, while a rating of "10" would be among the best; ratings on either extreme should occur only a few times across all games played in the Premier League. In general, most games will have few if any performances deserving of lower than a 3 or higher than an 8. While all opinions are welcome, please be advised that ratings will be manually reviewed before the final community ratings are tallied and any severe outliers and/or entries that appear to be trolling will be discarded.