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Aston Villa stay silent on transfer deadline day

There were plenty of rumours, but Aston Villa didn't end up making any moves on transfer deadline day.

Michael Regan

Like any good deadline day, this one was chock full of rumours for Aston Villa. But we're all going to have to hope that the team, as it is currently constructed, can be good enough to get us to at least January. The Tom Cleverley and Sergio Canales rumours that bloomed late never amounted to anything at all. And perhaps that's just as well, especially in the case of Cleverley, who was widely reported to have been asking for £80,000 per week in wages. I like Cleverley more than most, but he's not worth anywhere near that.

Of course, the lack of news applies to outgoing moves too. Karim El Ahmadi is officially off to Feyenoord but we knew that was coming. And Ron Vlaar, whose move we've had to worry about all summer, is here to stay through at least January.

It's a bit disappointing to see no one brought in, but at least Villa didn't make any stupid moves. Of course something may have slipped under the wire, and we'll update if it did. But otherwise, it looks safe to head to bed.