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Christian Benteke will not be moving on Transfer Deadline Day

Sorry, teams hoping to land the Belgian striker. Benteke's agent has dismissed speculation that the Villa forward would be on the move before the transfer window shuts.

Ben Hoskins

Apparently, Sky Sports News, in all their infinite wisdom, suggested earlier that Christian Benteke would be leaving Aston Villa. Obviously SSN is in the business of getting people hooked, and obviously Benteke is Villa's biggest name, so it's not hard to figure out why they'd infer such a possibility -- even though they obviously manufactured it out of thin air.

Got that, everyone? Benteke's agent -- who stands to make plenty of money manufacturing rumors and suggestions about his client -- has squished the idea that the Belgian is on the move.

Aston Villa are thus far undefeated in the Premier League. The team are sitting on seven points from nine, going into the hardest stretch of games they face this season. Imagine what could happen when Benteke comes back from injury?

Because he isn't leaving. And that's one of the best pieces of news a Villa fan could receive on Transfer Deadline Day.

Now if Villa could just sign a decent midfielder...