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This is probably the best Villa-related news this offseason

EA Sports announced Wednesday that its FIFA 15 video game will include all 20 Premier League grounds—and that means Villa Park's going to be making its debut in the ever-popular video game series.

United States international Clint Dempsey (right) plays FIFA 14 at an event in 2013.
United States international Clint Dempsey (right) plays FIFA 14 at an event in 2013.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy "Best Day of the Offseason," everybody! Nope, Villa haven't actually spent money and made a signing, nor have they finally sold someone they're looking to get off the wage bill and unfortunately, the club hasn't been sold. But Villa Park is going to be in FIFA 15 and nothing else really matters.

No more having to decide between the 29,000-seat capacity Ivy Lane and the 28,000-seat capacity Forest Park Stadium or throwing tradition out the window to play at Eastpoint Stadium or Europa Park. No more playing in the same stadium that Fulham do and that's a good thing because it's been scientifically proven that Fulham play in a ground that's smaller than a garden shed.

In fact, it's not just Villa Park entering the world's most popular football game but also every other stadium in the Premier League. And while Villa Park and the Stadium of Light highlight the new additions, we've got grounds stretching from Loftus Road to the KC Stadium and from the St. Mary's Stadium (aka "Large British Modern") to Burnley's Turf Moor.

It's great news coming out of FIFA and it's probably going to take the amount of time I spend playing the Premier League from ~15% of my FIFA time to ~75% of my FIFA time. And if they won't be bringing Creation Centre to the Next Gen consoles, well, this isn't such a bad substitute. And additionally, they've scanned over 200 new Premier League player likenesses so guys look less horrible on the pitch.

Just shut up and take my $60 now, EA. Job well done.