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Villa move for Manchester United's Cleverley may have upside

Plenty of Aston Villa fans are up in arms about the proposed move for Manchester United's Tom Cleverley

Today we found out that Aston Villa may have offered £8 million to Manchester United to secure the services of midfielder Tom Cleverley. It's a move that has a lot of Aston Villa fans upset, and with good reason. Cleverley hasn't been worth that much money in his time at Manchester United.

But to think of the move in such a black and white way ignores two things. The first is that we can't be sure of the money that's been offered. These are, after all, just reports. The second is the fact that Cleverley isn't as bad as his performance suggests. He's an immensely talented player who has suffered from an extended run of bad form that comes at least partially as a result of being played out of position.

Our latest edition of Transfer Talk takes a look at Cleverley and what it would take to make the move worthwhile.