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Hodgson finally names Delph to England squad

Roy Hodgson is set to name Fabian Delph to the England squad who will take on Norway and Switzerland.

Chris Brunskill

For almost a year now, we Villa fans have been clamoring to see Fabian Delph named onto Roy Hodgson's England squad. While it was possibly understandable that Delph didn't make the World Cup roster, the team's poor performance in that tournament almost mandated changes for the Euro 2016 qualifying cycle.

And it seems as if good ol' Roy has come to his senses and is prepared to name Delph to his squad for the upcoming international break. The Villa midfielder, who has been perhaps the club's most consistent player in the past year, will join Calum Chambers and Danny Rose as a first-timer on the squad.

Perhaps it was the solid performance that Delph put in on Saturday while Hodgson was watching. Or maybe it was simply the consistent track record Delph has had over the past year. Whatever the reason, he's certainly earned his chance to represent his country. He'll get started with a friendly against Norway before the team travels to Switzerland for a Euro 2016 qualifying match.

Congrats, Fabian!