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Instant recap of Villa drooling all over themselves in loss

Aston Villa lost 0-1 to Leyton Orient in the second round of the league cup. Aston Villa are the worst.

Clive Mason

I'd love to give you a good recap of this match, but I can't really. There are two problems. The first is that the League Cup have decided that their video rights to the matches will be held by Sky. And Sky have (from a business perspective, rightly) decided that it's not worth showing more than one League Cup match a day. And meanwhile, no one has grasped the potential of digital media, so there is no way (legitimate or otherwise) to watch these matches online.

All of this leaves us with only AVTV to rely upon for un-televised cup matches. And Jack Woodward and Villa hero Lee Hendrie were at the helm today for the banter hour. In both halves, listeners had no idea that play had begun because the two were busy yukking it up. Admittedly, the commentary got a bit better as each half went on, but it was hard to tell much from the radio feed anyhow.

But, a few players did stand out, particular among them Jack Grealish, who got the start. Almost every single opportunity that Villa had went through the young winger, and accounts from people at the match spoke highly of him as well. Darren Bent had a number of chances but couldn't convert. That said, it apparently wasn't the typical style of Bent missed chance:

And that second problem preventing me from giving you a good match report? Aston Villa have lost to a freaking League One side. Just like they did in the FA Cup last year. Just like they seemingly always do. And before the match I said that we should expect to win.

Well, we didn't. Be furious. Be angry. This pattern is absolute crap and it's an absolute slap in the face to the fans. I'm generally not too reactionary about matches like this, but I'm livid now. I feel quite badly for the fans who paid to see Villa miss chance after chance. The fans who paid to see Leyton Orient have the run of Villa Park as if they were Manchester City.

Ultimately the League Cup means almost nothing. But it's infuriating to see a club who should be half decent continue to drool all over themselves in cup play. What a waste of time.