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Who will help Aston Villa find the back of the net?

The crew of 7500 to Holte keep their week-long roundtable going by trying to figure out how Villa will score this year.

Paul Thomas

In today's roundtable we're taking a look at something Aston Villa had a lot of trouble with last year: scoring goals. Specifically, who will score them and who will help them. As always, feel free to put your answers in the comments!

Who will be Villa's Leading scorer this season?

Aaron: I'll say Kozak, just for the bantz.

Kirsten: Please Benteke. Otherwise something has gone desperately wrong.

Robert: Probably Benteke, but the injury could cut into that. It'd be neat if it were Andi Weimann.

Andrew: Even with the time off, it'll be Benteke. If it isn't we're going down.

Matt: Aleksandar Tonev. *ducks* Ok, it's Benteke.

Jack: Christian Benteke. All we've been hearing sounds like he is going to return earlier than originally expected, which means more matches and inevitably more goals. If Darren Bent gets off to a hot start he could be a surprise contender.

Alex: If you're saying anybody other than Christian Benteke, it probably means you think he's either going to get hurt again or get sold during the winter transfer window. And I don't want either of those things to happen. So, it's gotta be CB20.

Thomas: Benteke. Duh.

Gabby Agbonlahor led the club with 5 assists last season. Can anyone best that number this season?

Aaron: I really, really hope so. That's a pretty putrid number for a team's assist leader.

Kirsten: This question has depressed me to the point that I have to start drinking the whisky before the season even starts. Thanks, Villa.

Robert: One thing I didn't add in that question above that I think is worth noting: Brad Guzan had 20% of the assists of the team's leader. ANYWAYS... I think it can be beaten. Maybe Joe Cole does it, or Charles N'Zogbia if he keeps up his preseason form.

Andrew: I don't know - I hope Gabby doesn't play out wide anymore. I like Weimann as a guy who could top that number.

Matt: I hope so. Maybe Tonev will lead this category? Ok, I'll stop now.

Jack: You'd have to think so with Joe Cole and Charles N'Zogbia both likely to get a chance to play in a creator role this season. Someone who could actually do it is Ashley Westwood as well, since I imagine he will be taking set pieces too. Hopefully we have multiple players with 5+ assists.

Alex: I sure as hell hope so. N'Zogbia should have all the opportunity in the world to do so if he gets the proper playing time and I wouldn't be surprised to see Leandro Bacuna rack up the assists this year as well. And please, please, please move Gabby off the wing. Please.

Thomas: Good lord you'd better hope so. I still hope we sign a new winger and a center mid, so one of those might lead the charts. Jack Grealish a potential dark horse here.