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The shame list: Who will drop, who will be sacked?

We continue our roundtable series by looking at some of the more ignominious achievements to be had in the Premier League this year.

Christof Koepsel

Yesterday we talked about what might happen in the world outside of English football. Today we turn our focus to the Premier League, where we're considering a few of the more shameful aspects of the season to come. As always, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Who's the first manager to get sacked?

Aaron: I'll go out on a limb and say Ronald Koeman; I still maintain that Southampton over-performed last season, and they're quite clearly going to be worse this season. If they get off to a slow start it could turn to panic pretty quickly, and when clubs panic managers lose their jobs whether or not it's the right decision.

Kirsten: Sam Allardyce. He's tasked with playing entertaining football. Big Sam! Entertaining football! With that squad! There's no way Allardyce can accomplish this without the aid of a Time-Turner and let's face it, if anyone's a Muggle it's Big Sam.

Robert: Can Manchester United sack David Moyes again? Well, Alan Pardew starts with Manchester City, a trip to Villa and Crystal Palace in August. If he doesn't get three points from that, I bet he's gone.

Andrew: Alan Pardew because jesus christ Alan Pardew

Matt: It should be Alan Pardew, but Mike Ashley seems to love that guy for whatever reason. I could see Leicester getting off to a slow start and sacking Nigel Pearson like Southampton and Cardiff did in their first seasons in the Premier League.

Jack: Nigel Pearson and Sean Dyche are definitely the frontrunners in this year's sack race, and I'd like to say Steve Bruce but Hull have a pretty easy start to the season. Let's say Alan Irvine of West Brom because that would be awesome. Sam Allardyce is another good shout, but its a wide open race.

Alex: God. Probably Sam Allardyce because there's going to be a point in time when West Ham supporters just burn down the Boleyn Ground out of frustration. Granted, it's getting demolished soon enough anyways but they might just do it themselves. Otherwise I'd say Pardew but that contract's such an albatross that Newcastle might actually be better off keeping him around for a couple more years.

Thomas: Nigel Pearson. There's always a newly promoted team that panics and sets expectations way too high. Leicester have a really tough start and a fair bit of cash to spend, so I think it will be them.

Who will be relegated?

Aaron: Burnley, West Brom, and West Ham. I have no good reason for picking West Ham, it just seems like a thing that would happen.

Kirsten: Burnley haven't done enough to create a Premier League squad, so they're likely out, which is too bad because I love the retro-stylings of Turf Moor. I don't know why people think Hull have such quality, as their run for the FA Cup last year nearly cost them the league, and if they stick around in Europa I think that'll be the end of them. And West Brom have brought in a club-record signing who sat on the bench at Zenit last season and whom their manager -- whose never managed a Premier League game -- has never seen play. That's gotta backfire, right?

Robert: QPR, Burnley, and West Browmich Albatross. The first will spend a ton and still be miserable, the second look to have done little to improve themselves, and the third were so bad last season that they finished below Villa. Doom for them.

Andrew: Burnley should go down. I think Hull will in trouble because of continental competition. I'll say QPR because nothing good should ever happen to QPR. I hate QPR.

Matt: Burnley, Hull City and West Brom because what is an albion?

Jack: Looking at the new boys, it has to make give you some confidence that Villa will survive. I want to say Hull City because the Europa League will catch up to them and they didn't spend enough this summer, but quite frankly there are teams worse than them. Hopefully Crystal Palace and West Brom? Sunderland are actually spending money this summer so that probably rules them out. I genuinely think Redknapp will keep QPR up. Tough to call, but I'll go with Burnley, Leicester City, and West Brom.

Alex: This is really tough because there's around six clubs that I want to relegate but only three of them can go down. I've gotta start with Burnley just because I don't think they're talented enough-they strike me as being like Blackpool a few years back with a great spirit but in the end just not good enough. Past that, I think it's finally going to be time for West Brom to see the drop and somebody slightly surprising always gets dragged in and I think it'll be the end of everyone's love-in with Swansea. But damn, it's hard not to talk about Palace and Hull here.

Thomas: Burnley, Leicester and West Brom. Burnely don't have the required quality, experience or squad depth. Leicester also lack experience, they are spending money but not bringing in good enough players. West Brom have the thinnest squad in the league and their first team isn't all that strong, plus an inexperienced new manager.