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Villa send underused keeper to Doncaster on loan

Aston Villa have sent Jed Steer to Doncaster Rovers on a three-month loan.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer saw Paul Lambert sign Jed Steer as Brad Guzan's main backup in goal. Steer was under 24, however, and thus his former club Norwich City were entitled to some compensation despite the fact that he was out of contract. A tribunal met and decided that the young keeper was worth £450,000. In addition, he could net an additional £500,000 for the Canaries depending on the number of appearances he makes with Villa.

All of this is to say: that's a lot of effort for a keeper who has been barely used and is now headed to Doncaster Rovers on a three-month loan. From the club's official twitter:

I included the picture because it looks as if Steer is as perplexed as I am. The move leaves Shay Given as the club's number-two keeper despite Given's pleas for a transfer for the chance at regular playing time. We can assume that Given will be given cup duties with Aston Villa while Steer will be allowed to develop down in League One.

It's not a bad move, per se. But it is a bit of a perplexing one. Steer has looked decent in his few performances with Villa, and he's young and here for a bit. Given hasn't played in ages and wants out. Why keep the latter here and send the former away? The only explanation I can think of is that this move gives Steer the chance at regular playing time that he wouldn't get at Aston Villa. Perhaps Paul Lambert still likes him and would like to give him a chance to get to play more.

This is not really a big move, though. I'm intrigued, but in reality it's not going to affect much for Villa. have fun in Doncaster, Jed, and come back better than before!