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Randy Lerner suddenly remembers he is running a football club

Randy Lerner released another statement today suggesting he is still looking for a buyer, but football should now take priority.

Mark Thompson

A summer full of statements, Lerner is more talkative than ever. It's a shame then that absolutely nothing is happening. As the Villa players and staff return for pre-season training today, Lerner released a statement outlining his attempts to sell the club and his intent to make sure Villa are run properly in the mean time.

'I committed to our Manager to become completely focused on the upcoming season should there be no agreement to sell by the time players and coaches return to training.

Given that no agreement has as of yet been reached, I feel that it is time now to turn my full attention back to Villa matters at hand.'

This statement, by and large, serves to remind everyone that he is still trying to sell and that he hasn't forgotten that the new season starts in little over a month. It's far from groundbreaking, but there are a couple of interesting details to read into.

  1. We get as clear indication that Lerner only started the 'targeted process' of finding a buyer eight weeks ago, though there may have been tentative feelers put out before that date.

  2. It appears that he hasn't completely forgotten that he is running a football club. It is obviously vital to everyone involved on the playing side that distractions are minimal so that Villa can prepare properly for the new season.

  3. There is the worrying (though not surprising) indication that proper consideration might not have been given to running the club day-to-day over the past couple of months. 'I feel that it is time now to turn my full attention back to Villa matters at hand'. Hmmm...I know you're busy Randy, but there are certain things that need to happen to keep us in the division. Like signing players. Or signing key players to new contracts. Or selling players so that we can afford to sign new players.

What doesn't this statement say?

  • When Villa will be sold.
  • How much money there is to spend this summer on transfers and wages.
  • Anything of substance.
So there you have it. Unless you have a particular passion for club statements I suggest you continue with your day as planned, safe in the knowledge that nothing exciting is happening with the takeover.