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Rumor finally laid to rest as Villa target signs for Hannover

Mark Kolbe

For the past year, rumors have swirled about Aston Villa attempting to land Hiroshi Kiyotake. Even while news came out that he wasn't for sale, that Villa weren't able to meet the asking price, that Kiyotake thought Birmingham smelled funny, still those purporting to be In The Know were insistent that the Japan international was going to wear claret-and-blue.

Apparently those In The Know were let down by sources or the voices clamoring in their heads, because as it turns out, Kiyotake has signed for Hannover 96. While this deal has seemed dead in the water for quite some time, particularly as Villa aren't allowed to spend more than five quid on a player, it's unfortunate that the attacker is going elsewhere. With Nuremburg relegated, Kiyotake was clearly keeping his eyes out for another club. With Paul Lambert's interest already established, he likely could've been convinced to come to Villa.

Except that whole lack of money situation.


But at least we can finally put the rumors to rest.