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Villa star eager to sign new contract with the club

Aston Villa's Fabian Delph is eager to sign a new contract with the club. They'd be stupid to say no.

Cooper Neill

Fabian Delph came to Aston Villa five years ago as a highly-touted midfield prospect. Since then he has been a bitter disappointment and then re-emerged as the team's best player. Fabian Delph is only 24 years old and he has potentially a decade of good football ahead of him. And now we know that the midfielder is looking to sign a new contract with Aston Villa.

The fact that there is an article about this is a sign of just how stupid Aston Villa are right now. Delph is a player who could challenge for time on the England squad, and if he continues improving could feature for that team in Russia in 2018. He's got loads of potential and he's already spent an entire season proving he's not just that. Add into that the fact that he actually wants to stay at Aston Villa when he could easily be a target for other teams and you've got a no-brainer decision.

His contract is up after this year, and while I understand that Randy Lerner is loathe to re-sign players before the team is sold, this would be an extension that any incoming owner would be able to get behind. "Do I want to buy a club with a potential building-block star, or one without?" Given the fact that he hasn't gotten international time and only has one great season under his belt, Delph should come at a reasonable cost. He won't be cheap, but he's not going to break the bank.

Villa need to re-sign him now. He's an asset to the club on the field and he is an asset to the club in the books. For the sake of strong performance and a more enticing product to sell, Fabian Delph must be kept around. The fact that it's what he wants too makes it all the more urgent. You're in Texas with the team, Randy. Print a new contract today and get it done. Please. Give us all something about which we can be happy.