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Watch Villa's Weimann and N'Zogbia score against FC Dallas

Andi Weimann and Charles N'Zogbia put in the highlights of the night with their goals against FC Dallas. We've got them for you to watch!

Cooper Neill

Aston Villa played MLS squad FC Dallas last night in a preseason friendly that began too late for many Villa fans to watch. If you were in that group I've got some good news for you: you didn't miss much. Alex had a full recap earlier today from which I'll excerpt just one bit to give you an idea of the match: "it was a drab affair, all too reminiscent of what we saw out of Villa last season."

But that doesn't mean there wasn't anything worth seeing. On either side of halftime Villa scored two absolutely lovely goals. The first came from Andi Weimann, who (shockingly) looks quite good when he's used as a striker. We saw it a bit at the end of last season, but we got more proof last night with this shot:


It's hard to tell, but the assist there came from Darren Bent.

I'll type that again so that you're certain it wasn't a mistake: Darren Bent had the assist.

In the second half, Charles N'Zogbia showed that we haven't waited an entire year to get him back for absolutely nothing. At the very least we'll always have his beautiful free kick in the second half of a meaningless friendly in a half-empty stadium in Dallas. But it sure was a lovely kick:


Big credit goes to the Dallas wall there, as they did a fantastic job of screening the shot from their own keeper.

If you'd like to watch the full highlights package from FC Dallas, it's here:

You can also watch the match in its entirety here: