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How to watch the Aston Villa vs. FC Dallas friendly online - Open thread

For fans of Aston Villa who are desperate to see the club play, you can watch tonight's friendly against FC Dallas online. Here's how!

Michael Regan

Aston Villa are set to take on FC Dallas tonight in a preseason friendly from Dallas. Unfortunately for many, that means that the match won't be streamed on AVTV. If you're willing to stay up late though (the match kicks off at 2 AM England time) we've got great news.

FC Dallas will be streaming the match for free on YouTube. You can access the feed here.

It's actually pretty standard for MLS teams to show cup and friendly matches that aren't covered by television on YouTube and it's something that I wish Aston Villa would take a serious look into. The AVTV service is, at best, pretty unreliable. Broadcasting on YouTube ensures that pretty much anyone can tune in, and it's free. Yes, Aston Villa do get some revenue from AVTV, but I can't imagine that it's enough that they'd really miss it, especially considering the goodwill making the content free would garner.

But AVTV issues aside, this is great news for fans tonight. We'll have a recap up after the match, though. So even if you can't stay awake, you can read all about it.

What: Aston Villa vs. FC Dallas, preseason friendly

Where: Dallas, TX

When: 8 PM local (central) time, 2 AM (Thursday) England time

How to watch: On YouTube for free!