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Hutton demands talks, wants to go to Baggies

West Bromwich want to pay money for Alan Hutton, but Paul Lambert is loathe to see that happen. This has, understandably, made Hutton angry.

Julian Finney

Earlier this month we heard that West Bromwich Albion wanted to do the most West Brom thing possible: pay real money for Alan Hutton. Most Aston Villa fans immediately started giggling when they heard the news. What wasn't to like? Hutton was terrible when he played for Villa, and Lambert has not played him in his two years as manager. Hutton is terrible, and our most fierce rivals were looking to give us money to make themselves actively worse.

This was all so perfect.

And then Paul Lambert said "no" to it all. Now Hutton wants to meet with Lambert and seems to be angling to get himself some regular playing time for the Albacore Albatross Albion. In a summer in which Lambert is a bit hamstrung in his dealings, he's done admirably well. But this is one hardline position that I just don't get. Yes, Hutton does provide depth, but he's depth the club have done without for two years. Why is Lambert so interested in keeping him around now? He can do some things for Villa (as he demonstrated in yesterday's preseason friendly when he set Darren Bent up for a goal) but he's not Ron Vlaar: the club can afford to lose him.

Perhaps more irritating is the fact that this situation puts me in the unwelcome position of agreeing with Alan Hutton. Hopefully Hutton gets his talks and hopefully Villa can turn him into some cash. Heck, even £500,000 seems about fair, especially when you consider that it would be money that the Baggies would then not have and Villa would. Getting rid of Hutton, getting money from Albion, and getting money for VIlla? Win-win-win. Make it happen, Paul.