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Swansea want to keep World Cup midfielder away from Villa

Swansea want to extend the contract of Korean midfielder Ki Sung-Yeung, which would mean that Villa couldn't get him. Boo hiss.

Alex Livesey

We found out yesterday that Aston Villa were interested in Swansea midfielder Ki Sung-Yeung. The 25-year-old just got off of a successful stint with the South Korean team in a World Cup that saw him be one of his squad's few highlights, so many Villa fans were justifiably excited by the news. Well now Swansea are being total jerks.

Apparently their chairman is encouraging Ki to talk with manager Garry Monk about signing a new contract, since his current deal is up next summer. The nerve of some teams, am I right? I mean, if a player plays well in the World Cup it's simply natural that they should want to move to a bigger club, one with a grand history and tradition that far exceeds their current level.

Ki has every right to want to move on to the greener fields at Villa Park and leave his nightmare days in Wales behind him. And playing for Villa is a natural step up, the sort of move that seems merited by a strong performance. And Swansea are just being jerks about it all.

It's unfathomable, really. They feel as if they have some right to negotiate with a player and try to keep him around rather than watch him be lured away by bigger (and better, of course) sides. Hopefully this all gets resolved quickly and Swansea accept that their role is as a feeder club to the slightly larger feeder clubs.

Because we sure would like Ki.