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Villa complete intelligent but uninspiring signing

Aston Villa have finalized the signing of Fulham's Kieran Richardson to a two-year contract. Whee?

Ross Kinnaird

It's not a stupid move, it may even be a smart one, but it's hardly inspiring.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Aston Villa today confirmed that they have signed Kieran RIchardson on a two-year deal, and it's hard to feel too much about this whole thing. Richardson joins Villa from newly-relegated Fulham, and while a fee wasn't disclosed it certainly could not have been too high. If this isn't a free signing, it might as well be. And it's because of that, and what are likely eminently reasonable wages, that it's hard to be upset about this.

Richardson hasn't done too much lately, and for that reason he's not going to enthrall the fans quite yet. But a lot of his inefficiency has been down to the fact that Fulham tried playing him at left back. He's competent at the position, but he's better-used as a left midfielder or even a winger. He's attack-minded, and that could play well with Villa.

If he's allowed into the midfield with some regularity, this could be a neat little piece to Villa's cash-strapped puzzle. I'm not certain he'll be used that way, though, so it's hard to be too excited. At the cost, however, there's little way this hurts the club. What say you, though? Is this a good move for Villa?