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A hero returns: New 'keeper coach promises glory

It's time to rethink the common knowledge on this summer. We can call it a success now.

Clive Rose

Aston Villa are a club in dire straits. They've got a disinterested owner, a tempestuous assistant, and a new defender who could have secretly been playing for France instead of Switzerland during the World Cup. What the club desperately needs right now is a hero. A man of the people who can solidify those around him and brace everyone for what will be a tough campaign ahead.

And so it is that the club will get a hero. Not the one they deserved, but the one they needed. Andy Marshall is back.

He will be replacing goalkeeping coach Terry Gennoe while Gennoe is out for health-related reasons. So the man who will help Brad Guzan and Jed Steer as they prepare to face down the world's best strikers and Wayne Rooney will be Villa's third-choice keeper who famously never saw a competitive match in four seasons with the club.

Lest you think I'm being unkind to Andy, I (and the rest of the 7500 to Holte staff) genuinely like the guy. He's always been good with fans n twitter, and was by all accounts a consummate teammate. It's nice to see him around Villa again, and given that he runs a goalkeeping academy and obviously has a passion for coaching, I hope it leads to more opportunities for him.

Welcome back, Andy! We're glad to have you. Perhaps you'd like to come bring the news for us again?