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Get in line for the new Villa away kit

Did you already pre-order your 2014-2015 Aston Villa home kit? Well, that's a shame, because once you see the away jersey, you're going to wish you were sporting that instead.

Or perhaps that's what Villa are banking on - everyone buying two new shirts next season. Maybe that's how they're planning to fund players with a bit more ooomph then Philippe Senderos.

Here's the latest video:

Isn't that kit absolutely gorgeous? It is, of course, reminiscent of the shirts worn in the famous 1981-1982 season, right down to the red shorts (although the lads wore white in the European Cup final). But it's got a few modern twists, like the lion on the back of the socks (unless that was there in 1982...) and a lovely, almost embossed crest pressed into what looks like the lower back of the shirts.

I haven't seen close up photos yet, and the light from the video makes it difficult to get every detail. What are your thoughts? Have you spotted some interesting features? Do you want one, like, now?