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Is Senderos the answer to the club's questions?

After a one-week hiatus, we're back with another Holtecast. We'll talk about Philippe Senderos joining Aston Villa and then dive into our own World Cup preview!

Buda Mendes

Jack and Robert are back for yet another Holtecast as the summer continues its slow plod. To liven things up, we will be joined by our very own Kirsten Schlewitz, who will be here to help us with our World Cup preview!

But before we get into that, we've got super serious business to discuss today. Aston Villa have been very busy since last we podcasted with you. There's news that the club haven't been sold, the breaking story that nothing at all is happening, and very little speculation to cover. Exciting! Oh, well, there is the Philippe Senderos imminent signing to discuss, so we've got that.

Then it gets fun, as we dive into the World Cup. Sure, Aston Villa fans don't have a lot to watch, but that doesn't change the fact that we all love football and the World Cup is the greatest event in football. If nothing else, it'll be a great way to take our minds off the club for a while. We'll have discussion, analysis, and predictions for you today.

We will have the Google Hangout embedded below as we get closer, and will of course put the audio up on BlogTalk Radio after the show. You can also always subscribe to us on any podcasting service you choose, and we appreciate you listening!

Finally, don't forget to sign up for our World Cup bracket challenges. You can find our giant SB Nation one here, and our 7500 to Holte one here.

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