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Report: Lerner desperate to sell, drops price by £50 million

Randy Lerner is more eager to offload Aston Villa than we thought, apparently.

Mark Thompson

If reports from The Mirror are to be believed, and you may take that any way you wish without judgment from me, Randy Lerner has taken 25% off of his asking price for Aston Villa. It's a summer bargain sale, now! What was once £200 million is now a low low low £150 million. Plus, if you act now, we will throw in one lightly used Darren Bent and the possibility of a Roy Keane!

More seriously, if the drop in price is true it signals two key things. The first is that Lerner isn't anywhere near finding a buyer yet. The second is that he is more eager to offload the club before the season begins than it initially seemed. Apparently Lerner has heard from some Middle Eastern buyers who are interested in the club, but that part of the article is the most vague, so I'd take it with the largest grain of salt.

From a fan's perspective, though, this seems like good news. Certainly, lowering the standard for entry could lead to a less flush owner, but I can't imagine that ends up being a huge deal. Instead, I see this leading 1) to a quicker sale and 2) to an owner who has an extra £50 million to put into the squad once the acquire it. And frankly, as much as I appreciate Randy's stewardship of the club, I couldn't care less if he loses an extra £50 million off of what he wanted. Heck, sell the club for £100 million if it means we get new owners more quickly.