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Could we see Ast-Ron Villa switch to QP-Vlaar?

Newly promoted Queens Park Rangers are apparently considering a swoop for Aston Villa defender Ron Vlaar.

Matthias Hangst

Ron Vlaar has been playing exceptionally well in the past few days, making a name for himself as the best defender on one of the World Cup's best teams. Unfortunately for Aston Villa, that means that the club's captain is gaining attention from other people with more money, so get used to stories like this. Apparently QPR, just promoted back into the Premier League, are keeping tabs on Vlaar ahead of a potential swoop for the defender.

The Dutchman (Hollander? Fliegende Hollander?) would join former Villans Richard Dunne and Aaron Hughes, and bolster an already backed central defensive unit for QPR. If this sounds like a case of a team spending money simply because they have it and simply because splashing cash at random seems to be a way of staying in the Premier League, congratulations, you passed reading comprehension tests and realized that we were talking about QPR.

More seriously, this is something that could happen. It may not be QPR, and it may not be right away, but Vlaar has only one year remaining on his contract, and plenty of other clubs can offer him more money than can Villa. If it did happen, it'd be awfully stupid, as Vlaar is far-and-away the club's best defender and was one of the few solid points in a unit that began the season decently well and then crumbled in the final third.

Of course, none of this would be an issue if Randy Lerner had just sold the team or at least committed a reasonable amount of money to it. But none of that has happened, so here we are. Come on Villa, do something smart and sign Vlaar to a new deal. It's worth it in the long run.