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Villa looking to use Roy Keane in managerial role

After Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa were sacked, Paul Lambert has found himself looking to rebuild his backroom staff. Roy Keane might be the man for the job.

Adam Nurkiewicz

Well this is certainly unexpected news. James Nursey at The Mirror is reporting that Aston Villa may be on the verge of bringing in former Manchester United captain Roy Keane as assistant manager. The former Sunderland and Ipswich Town manager and current Ireland No. 2 is apparently keen (sorry) on taking the role because it would allow him to continue his association with Ireland and Martin O'Neill.

The move is one that is a bit perplexing, to be honest. If Keane really does want the job because it will allow him to do other things, it makes it seem as if his full attention wouldn't be focused on Aston Villa. Plus there have been plenty of reports of Keane coming down hard on Irish players, including Shay Given. A coach who has a reputation as being the tough type may not exactly be the best replacement for two coaches who were oustered due to bullying.

But nothing is official yet, and it's not even clear how much of an impact this would have on the club if it were to happen. We'll have more on this as it happens, but what are your instant reactions? Do you love or hate the idea of Keane at Villa?