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VIDEO: The Aston Villa home kit is here, and it's sexy

Aston Villa released their new home kits for 2014-15 today, and they look fantastic.

The Aston Villa home kit has been revealed! The club is still caught in limbo and no one knows if the squad will still be playing some ugly football next season, but one thing's for sure - the players will be looking sexy on the pitch.

Now, if you're at work or just can't watch a video right now, but are dying to know what the home kit looks's claret, natch, with sky blue sleeves and a modified polo neck color. There's a sky blue pinstripe (yay!) running through the body of the shirt, which will be suitably slim-fit (another yay!)

The shorts are white and the socks are a masterpiece - claret and blue striped, with a golden lion perched above the heel.

The comic-book video is fantastic, save for that creepy faceless dude lurking in white. But if you're wanting to see the kit on actual live players, here it is: