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Video: Is Joe Cole the answer in midfield?

Jack and Robert return with another 7500 to Holte Transfer Talk. This time we're looking at what Joe Cole brings to Aston Villa.

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Aston Villa finally got the creative midfielder that so many fans have been clamoring for. But he came in the shape of a Joe Cole, which wasn't what a lot of us particularly expected. Nevertheless, Jack and I dive into the details about the 32-year-old midfielder and try to figure out what he has to offer to Aston Villa.

The good news for Aston Villa is that Cole was a free transfer, which is about all the club can afford right now. Rumours on the Internet have him taking a bit of a pay cut to join Villa, too. If Cole can manage to avoid the injury bugs that have plagued him lately, he could offer a lot to a team that could desperately use a creative force in the middle of the pitch.

What do you think? Is Cole the signing that Aston Villa needed? Let us know in the comments!