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2014 World Cup Day 1: Brazil-Croatia, how to watch, open thread

It's finally here! It's World Cup day! THE WORLD CUP IS STARTING!

Buda Mendes

It's World Cup time! We've only had to wait for three years and eleven months, but it's finally here!

We'll have open threads like these for every day of the tournament, so feel free to stop on by and chat with your fellow Villa fans as we watch the world's greatest sporting event. We'll have them up about an hour before the matches every other day.

The matches

Group Location Time (BST/EST)
Brazil-Croatia A Sao Paulo 21:00/16:00

Any Villa players involved?

Nope! Get used to that, though.

Any transfer targets or rival players I'm probably interested in?

Well, there's Neymar. Given Villa's standing atop the world of football and their stable finances, I think a play for the Brazillian would be perfect. Wait no, who am I kidding? There's nobody here we've been connected to.

How do I watch these games?

In the UK you can use ITV or the ITV player online. In the US it's ESPN in English and Univision in Spanish, and both have online streaming platforms, while our Canadian friends have CBC and the CBC Sports player. If you live elsewhere, check LiveSoccerTV for listings in your country.