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Villa forward breaks Rotherham United's transfer record

Michael Regan

Jordan Bowery has moved from Aston Villa to Rotherham United. For a record-breaking fee!:

It's quite kind of the Millers to tell us that Bowery is breaking records, but it'd be nice to know if their previous record transfer was, say, five quid. According to the Twitters it was more like £150,000.

So around £200,000, then. That's really going to provide a lot of cash to entice players that aren't Philippe Senderos or Joe Cole. And seeing as Villa paid at least half a million for him, it'd be nice if Rotherdam ponied up a bit more cash.

Bowery was one of Paul Lambert's first signings, brought in from League Two side Chesterfield in August 2012. He made 13 appearances for Villa this season, scoring zero goals. He also scored zero in three appearances while on loan with Doncaster Rovers. In fact, he's never scored for the Villa.

But he scored against Rotherham back in August 2012, so maybe that's why they bought him?

Anyway, he's off. If Villa unload a couple more non-scoring forwards brought in by Lambert, they may be able to afford to buy a player valued at, say, £3m or so.