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World Cup Fantasy Football!

Join the Blog's group for World Cup Fantasy Football!

Julian Finney

If you're like me, then you jump at any chance to play another fantasy football game. No, I'm not good at Premier League Fantasy, and my World Cup bracket probably will bust when Chile don't end up beating Spain, but its another chance to win some internet bragging rights!

Its slightly ironic that the game is sponsored by McDonalds, but anyways, you get a budget of 100 and have to buy 23 players to fill your squad. Neymar cost 9, so the rest of my team could only average a value of 4.13 each. Fun! Both of my backup goalies cost just 1 each!

Here is the link to the website. You have to make an account first, but after that just search for 7500toHolte in the "Join Leagues" section after scrolling down. Proceed to buy your favourite players! Some may happen to play for Villa! (Hint, don't buy Senderos, he costs 5)

Who did you decide to go with? Leave us a comment!

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