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Watch: Grealish scores two wondergoals in Hong Kong

Jack Grealish is Aston Villa's most exciting prospect, and two of the goals he scored in the Hong Kong Soccer Sevens demonstrate why.

Michael Steele

The other day I saw Jack Grealish on twitter enquiring whether or not anyone had an AVTV password, as he had forgotten his. He apparently wanted to watch the highlights of the young squad he led in Hong Kong during the Soccer Sevens tournament there. The good news is that he got the password, and the even better news is that he's sharing the fruits of it with us.

At least that's how I imagine it got to the point where Grealish made these two Vine videos. Regardless of the genesis of the videos, they show precisely why so many Aston Villa fans are excited to see more of Grealish in the coming years, as the two goals he captured are absolute stunners. The first shows him breaking past 3.5 defenders (not sure I count the last one) and the keeper despite having his shirt tugged on to score a lovely self-created goal:

I'm not sure how the ref didn't call that shirt pull, but it didn't seem to matter. The second goal is your more classic beautiful curling effort against Sunderland:

If you're not excited about the prospect of more Grealish, I think you might be dead. He's the best thing we have to look forward to. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be watching these for a little while longer.