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Lerner's Villa statement will further absentee ownership

Randy Lerner is expected to make a statement next week. Or at least he'll type it and let someone else make it.

Not pictured: Randy Lerner.
Not pictured: Randy Lerner.
Tony Marshall

Everybody is expecting Randy Lerner's statement about the future of Aston Villa and his time as its owner sooner rather than later. Personally, I'll be shocked if we haven't heard it by Monday. But we now know that Lerner will not be making the statement from Birmingham but instead will probably just file it to Villa's media department and be done with it from his home in New York. That article, from the Express, also insists that nobody at Villa has any idea what Lerner may or may not say in his statement. 

And in reality, it doesn't matter if he addresses the media himself, watches the match at White Hart Lane or in Birmingham, or submits the statement from the United States. But his unwillingness to be seen around the club and to talk to the media is just another sign of the problems with public relations that the club has. After three–some would argue four–years of terrible football and absentee ownership, Lerner is only further ensconcing himself as a figure to be loathed by many Villa fans. I'm not sure if that's a fair reaction, but it's certainly one that will happen. 

At this point he has become unpopular enough that not selling would just be a middle finger to everyone involved. "This is my toy and I'll use it as I wish." If he sticks around, it's tough to imagine any meaningful change occurring. While it wouldn't be impossible for Villa to improve under Randy Lerner, I'm starting to dread the possibility that we may have to find out. 

Just pass us on to someone who will care Randy. Thanks for what you've done, but it's time to move on.