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Could USMNT’s Jurgen Klinsmann be Lambert's replacement?

Today's Aston Villa managerial rumour is a big one, but there's probably not much to it.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With so much uncertainty surrounding Aston Villa, there are bound to be plenty of rumours about what the club will do. Early in the week we talked about the possibility that Larry Ellison, the world's 5th-richest man, could be buying the club. That alone would be interesting enough, but the hot word on the Internet today is that if Ellison does buy the club he would bring in current United States manager Jurgen Klinsmann to take over from Paul Lambert. The rumour has gotten enough traction that you can currently get 5/1 odds on it happening, which seems a bit crazy.

In fact, the whole thing seems a bit crazy. Aston Villa are definitely a storied club that would be a feather in most people's cap to manage. But they are also a struggling club, one without much prestige right now. Klinsmann is hot off of one of the most successful qualifying cycles in the history of US Soccer and could lead his team out of a very tough group with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana in the World Cup. He has the USMNT on the verge of becoming an international force, and the job there is certainly one with more cachet than Villa right now.

There's no reason to think that Villa could land Klinsmann save one (Don't believe the odds. If you did, Roberto Mancini is the sixth-likeliest person to helm Villa next year). That one is the other half of the Klinsmann rumour: Larry Ellison. Billionaires have a peculiar way of getting what they want, and if Ellison were to buy the club and if he were to want Klinsmann, he'd have plenty of help in convincing the German. It's hard to see any football reason why someone who has coached Bayern Munich and the German and US national teams would come to Villa.

But it's really easy to see a reason why he might do it anyways. What do you think? Any chance that Villa have Klinsmann as their manager next year? Let us know below!