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Holtecast: Will Lambert be around after this weekend's Spurs match?

Jack and Robert return for the last Holtecast of the season, but never fear: we'll be here during the offseason too!

Laurence Griffiths

We've made it! The season is almost over, and by the next time you hear Jack and I, we'll be talking about a Randy Lerner statement, Paul Lambert's sacking, and brand new owners!

Or something like that. But before we get there, we've got to cover the final days of the season. The vital win against Hull City, the insipid loss to Manchester City, and the upcoming something or other to Tottenham Hotspurs. In between we'll be discussing the future of the club. Does Lambert have a job after this weekend? When will we hear from Lerner? Any chance that we bring in the 5th-richest man in the world to own the club?

As usual, we have the Google hangout embedded below. A little bit after the show is over we'll also put an audio-only player if that's your preference. You can always subscribe to us using iTunes, Stitcher, BlogTalk Radio, or practically any other podcast service by searching "Holtecast."

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