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Weimann aiming to repeat against City and give Liverpool a gift

Andi Weimann would love to make Manchester City have to work just a bit harder to secure that title.

When Aston Villa last played Manchester City, this capped off a stunning comeback and cemented a 3-2 win for the claret and blue underdogs:


Joe Hart was caught well outside of his box and had no recourse but to let the ball from Andi Weimann go over him for the winning goal of the match.

Now it seems that Andi wants more, and he's feeling a bit cocky about today's trip to Manchester. "We won't go there and give in. We have beaten them once so we'll see what we can do away," he said ahead of the trip. I, for one, like seeing Villa have a bit of (perhaps un-earned) swagger about them. It's been an incredibly tough season for fans and team alike, and everything we've seen ahead of this match points to a team who will come out playing freely and with an eye towards winning a match nobody thinks they have a chance in.

And if Andi and the team can pull it off, they will have countless Liverpool and Chelsea fans ready to buy them a beer whenever they get thirsty. Wouldn't be a bad way to cap off a dire season.