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Manchester City dealt major injury blow ahead of Villa match

Sergio Aguero will miss tomorrow's match. That certainly is good news for Villa fans, new (hi Liverpool!) and old.

Alex Livesey

Sergio Aguero, who has scored 17 goals in just 22 Premier League matches this season, is set to miss tomorrow's match against Villa with a groin injury he sustained over the weekend. The Argentinian striker limped off during City's thrilling victory over Everton on Saturday.

If you look at all competitions, Aguero has actually been City's leading striker, finding the back of the net 28 times this season. Having him off the pitch should be a huge boon for Villa's defenders, who will already have their hands full dealing with a fully-healthy Yaya Toure.

There's no way that this will ever be an easy match for Villa, but given the fact that the club has played their best when they've had the least to lose this season, there is real opportunity here. It goes without saying that football is a flukey sport and nearly anything can happen. In the face of Manchester City's impressive attack, losing one striker may not seem like much. But it's certainly better than nothing.