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Everton prepared to make summer move for young Villa star

Roberto Martinez has his eyes on one of Villa's best performers from this poor season.

Mark Thompson

Aston Villa fans haven't had much to enjoy this year. There have been a few key victories here and there, but aside from that, the best we had was the emergence of some of our players. Fabian Delph finally became the midfielder that we all knew he could be. And Marc Albrighton spent the last few months of the season re-capturing the magic that we first saw under Gerard Houllier.

Well, if Roberto Martinez has his way, we might see Marc taken away from us just as we began to appreciate what we had. The young winger's contract is set to expire this summer, and with all the turmoil around the club he has (understandably) been less than eager to sign a new one. Martinez appears to be keen on giving the lifelong Villa fan a chance at Everton.

And as much as it would hurt to see one of our most beloved youngsters go, you certainly wouldn't be able to blame him. He can stick with the club who have toyed around with his career for the past for years or he could move onto a team with legitimate hopes of contending for the Champions League.

Losing Albrighton wouldn't be a crippling blow for the club as far as on-field performances go. While he has been great this season, he hasn't been so far above average as to make him a must-have asset. But from the emotional standpoint of fans who already feel that the club is losing touch with them, it might be a real shame. Here's hoping that Marc and the club come to some sort of terms to renew his contract past this summer.