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Watch: Official video seems to confrim 2014-15 kit rumours

Aston Villa have released a teaser video for the 2014-15 kits and it seems to confirm the rumours we heard earlier in the week.

Ross Kinnaird

Earlier this week we took a look at what were rumoured to be Aston Villa's new kits for the 2014-15 season. The home version was a claret shirt with blue sleeves and blue pinstripes, and the away one was an absolutely gorgeous homage to the 1982 European final kit.

Now when you go to the club's official site, you're landed on a page giving you a video teaser of the kit launch on Monday, and it seems to confirm the designs we saw in those earlier rumours. Take a look for yourself:

After the delightful comic-book-esque opening, we see our hero (anyone else seeing Ron Vlaar in that guy?) rip open his shirt to reveal the same claret with blue pinstripes look that we saw earlier in the week. I've also seen rumours a few places on the web that the white and blackcurrant quartered away kits from this year will repalce the lime greens as Villa's third kit next year.

I know a few people were divided on the proposed home kit, but have you come around on it at all since Wednesday? And at this point, is everyone absolutely in favor of the 1982-replica-style away kit? I'm going to be disappointed if that's not the choice. And if it is, given how much I love both of these, this may be the first year I buy a kit before they go on sale at the end of the season.