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World Cup Bracket Challenge!

The World Cup is right around the corner. Enter your picks in the pool to win bragging rights for four years!

Feng Li

With the World Cup set to kick off in 13 days, now is the time to get your predictions in! There are groups both for 7500toHolte as well as SB Nation on

In my bracket, I've gone with somewhat of a boring prediction, taking Brazil as my champion over Spain, in a rematch of last summer's Confederation Cup final which Brazil won 3-0. I have Germany beating Belgium for third, as the Germans have a very strong squad but ultimately will lose to Brazil, unless they intentionally get second in the group to be placed on the opposite half of the bracket.

What did you decide to do in your bracket? Feel free to leave a comment. We will be talking about the World Cup in next week's Holtecast as well, so be sure to tell us if theres anything you want us to include in the show.

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