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Watch all the Villa goals against Hull City in high quality!

What better way to revel in a win than by watching all of VIlla's goals over and over and over again?

Mark Thompson

When Villa score goals worth watching, I like to make sure that we can watch them on an endless loop in super high quality. So with that prelude out of the way, here are all three of Aston Villa's goals against Hull City today. Enjoy!

Ashley Westwood (1')

I had barely found a stream for the match by the time this was blowing up my twitter feed. And I'm not sure I'll ever get over how funny this goal is. Gabby Agbonlahor just destroys some poor Hull defender, and then sends a nice pass in to Marc Albrighton. Seeing his chance, Marc decides to shoot and misses terribly. But after only a split second of shock, he recovers and sends the ball to Westwood who buries it past a diving keeper.


I just love the momentary look of shock from everyone after the Marc whiff. Here's another view:


And another!


Andi Weimann (41')

Villa proceded to give up the lead on a Hull free kick that was equal parts lucky (offside, and an own-goal) and poor defending. It looked as if Villa would go into the half with fans everywhere as nervous as could be. But then, on a corner, Villa got numerous chances. Nathan Baker had a superb header stopped. Then he had another one stopped. And then Andi came rushing in to finally head the ball home:


It's every bit as delightful from a different angle.


Despite the fact that the goal would be all that Villa needed, Andi wasn't done for the day.

Andi Weimann (45+3')

Jordan Bowery had his best moment of a very good day with this cross in to Andi Weimann's head. All the credit in the world to Andi, but he barely had to do anything. Insert head, score goal.


Absolutely lovely.


And, because I can't leave you without a high quality version of this, here's how he celebrated:


And now that Villa have virtually guaranteed safety, we can start looking ahead. To getting three points from Manchester City and profoundly affecting the title race, of course!