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Watch the Ashley Westwood goal that put Villa closer to safety

Ashley Westwood seemed impatient to help Aston Villa out.

Ross Kinnaird

Fifty-four seconds. That's all it took for Aston Villa to score today, after week of looking absolutely clueless in front of the goal. And to be fair, this one had a bit of cluelessness about it too. Here, take a look:


Gabby Agbonlahor charged up the left side, barreled over a Hull defender, and passed to Marc Albrighton. Given his good form lately, it wasn't surprising to see Albrighton take the shot, but it was surprising to see him absolutely whiff. Nevertheless, as cooly as if he had intended to miss all along, Marc passed it over to Ashley Westwood who managed the 18-yard strike calmly to give Villa an astonishingly quick lead.

Here's another look:


If Villa can hold onto the lead, they will be safe today. If they can even get the draw, they help their chances immensely. This is absolutely the start that Villa and Paul Lambert needed. Now keep it up, you Lions.