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Villa "linked" to the perfect answer for their season

Oh this is just perfect.

Mark Thompson

By now everyone around here is aware of NewsNow, right? If not, it's a fantastic aggregator of news on different topics. Their Aston Villa page, in particular, is a great spot to get caught up on anything you may have missed while you were out. Their system automatically collects stories published on numerous sites and gives us nice links to them. 

But every once in a while that system picks up a link that may have changed, or one that was bad to begin with. Such was the case today when I saw that the Birmingham Mail had published a story promising to give me the results of a fan survey that determined the "words that sum up the season."

So, of course, I clicked:


And doing so brought me to the single most appropriate page in the history of Aston Villa on the internet:


What better word than "Sorry" to sum up Villa's season? Bless you, Internet. For everything you give us.