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2014 World Cup: Brad Guzan makes final USMNT cut

Aston Villa's keeper will be Tim Howard's backup in Brazil.

Tony Marshall

The United States have unveiled their 23-man roster for the World Cup, and to no one's surprise, Brad Guzan was included:

Guzan has been the second-choice keeper for the USMNT for a number of years now. Unfortunately for Villa fans, there's very little chance of him getting any time in Brazil. Jurgen Klinsmann recently said that he thought Tim Howard was one of the five best keepers in the world. And while that's obviously crazy-talk, it certainly means that Guzan can't be expecting to get much time in the tournament. 

In slightly more surprising news, the all-time leading scorer for the United States, Landon Donovan, has been left out of the final roster. Donovan is one of the most recognizable players the US have, but Klinsmann has decided that his recent struggles merited leaving him home. Over at SB Nation, Ryan Rosenblatt did a great job explaining why that decision was a good one. 

Now we just wait and see if Ron Vlaar makes his country's 23-man roster. He is expected to, and is likely the best chance to actually get to see a Villan play this summer.